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Veterinary Council
In exercise of the power conferred by section 32(1) of the Indian veterinary council Act 1984, Arunachal Pradesh State Veterinary council was established in the year 1990 vide Govt. order No.AHV/P-1007/88-89 dated 11th January 1990. The full body of State veterinary Council consisting of 11 (Eleven) members came into being only in the year 1994 with the election of council member held on 20.09.94.
The main object of creation of State Veterinary Council was to regulate the veterinary practice in the state and to carry out the allied regulatory obligation which includes code of conduct, professional ethics, standard of education etc. besides maintaining a register of veterinary practitioners. Now, the domain of veterinary services has not remained confined to providing treatment to the sick animals and generating livelihood to the poor, but also takes into account the aspect of animal welfare, food security, food safety, public health and environmental issues etc. It has therefore, become imperative to harmonize the standard of Veterinary education in its totality as well as strengthen and maintain the standard of practice for ensuring the quality Veterinary related service in the changed global scenario. Recently, Veterinary Council of India (VCI) has prepared appropriate regulation through wide consultation with state department and Council. These regulations prescribe the minimum standard in terms of facilities and manpower that should be made available in the field veterinary institute for ensuring quality service.
Veterinary practitioner resister is being maintained. Numbers of veterinary graduates who have registered their names in the state Veterinary council have come to 325 as on 20th June 2012.
As a part of the statutory responsibilities, Arunachal Pradesh State Veterinary Council (SVC) extend support to publish the supplementary Indian veterinary Practitioners register in the extra-ordinary Gazette of Indian and to circulate to all concerned
All India Pre-Veterinary Test is being conducted for admission to B.V.SC & AH by State Veterinary Council in collaboration with the VCI every year.
AP State Veterinary Council has so far organized 10 nos of awareness cum training programme covering 10 villages and two numbers of seminar under the Professional Efficiency Development programme (CSS scheme)
In accordance with section 33 of VCI act 1984, following are the present composition of Arunachal Pradesh state veterinary council.
1 Dr. Hage Tabin, Director (AHV&DD) Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh Ex-officio Member
2 Dr. Netan Dorjee Minto, Joint Director (AHV-Plan) President*
3 Dr. Karbom Basar, Disease Inv. Officer (Western Zone) Nirjuli Vice President
4 Dr. Mito Nyodu, Deputy Director, School of Vety Science, Pasighat Ex-officio Member
5 Dr. T. Taku Dy. Director (Estt) Member
6 Dr. R.Lama Dy. Director ( Statistic ) Member
7 Dr. Habung Taniya, Registrar(SVC) Ex-Officio Member
8 Dr. Nyokar Taipodia, DVO Bomdila Member
9 Dr. (Mrs) Joymoti Ratan, VO(SG) Member*
10 Dr. D.P. Singh, DVO, Yupia Member*
11 (Mrs) Mongam Pakam VO(SG) Member*
* Nominated members.