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School of Veterinary Science, Pasighat, East Siang District

School of Veterinary Science, popularly known as Veterinary Training Institute (VTI) was established in the year 1881 under the sponsorship of North Eastern Council funding. The objectives of establishing this institute was to build up a trained para-veterinary staff well equipped in handling cases of minor veterinary services.


  • 1 year full time Stockman training for untrained inservice Stockman.
  • 2 weeks Refresher training course on Artificial Insemination.
  • 1.Awareness training programme to farmers on livestock rearing.

So far the institute has conducted 23 full time Stockman training and several farmers trainings. The District Poultry Farm with Hatchery provision and Feed Mixing plant is also attached with the institute along with a Dairy Demonstration farm with a capacity of 59 cows producing 66 litres of milk every day.

Name of the Institute Details of Officer Phone Numbers

School of Veterinary Science,

(Veterinary Training Institute)

Dr. Mito Nyodu, Dy. Director (Trg)

0368-2222295 (O)

9436898757 (M)

2 mile, Pasighat,

East Siang DIstt.

Arunachal Pradesh

Dr. (Mrs) Navjeevan Taloh, VO

Dr. Tagum Tamut, VO (Trg)

Dr. Tadar Tatik, VO (Trg)

Dr. (Mrs) Anna Techi Perme, VO (Trg)

Dr. Obang Siram, VO (Trg)

Dr. Sukur Tayeng, VO (Trg)

9856490533 (M)

9863029915 (M)

9856946672 (M)

9862567513 (M)

9436054517 (M)

9436838190 (M)