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Composite Livestock Farm, Nirjuli

The Composite Livestock Farm comprising of a Central Dairy farm, Central Poultry Farm and Central Pig Farm was established in the year 1971 with an aim to hygienic milk; Broiler Day old chick and poultry meat and egg; pork and piglets to the dwellers of capital complex. The three farms are by a Manager each under the control of Deputy Director (CLF). Besides the above 3 farms a Fodder farm and a Feed Mixing Plant is also attached with the Dairy Farm. The objective of CLF are:

  • Overall Objective : To increase household income, reduce malnutrition in children and improve living conditions in rural farmers through the empowerment and creating of job opportunity through livestock rearing.
  • Specific Objectives : To contribute to the development of a sustainable and profitable milk, egg, poultry meat, pork and piglet production on economic base for the benefit of dwellers of Capital Complex.
  • The farms will serve as demonstration farm for the benefit of farmers and supply quality chick, piglets and cows to the farmers.
  • To popularize animal husbandry activities as reliable sources of income to unemployed educated youth and rural people, thereby promoting sustainable development through livestock farming.
  • Setting up the administrative mechanism for Vocational training Courses in dairy farming, poultry farming and piggery farming to the rural farmers of the district.

Deputy Director (CLF) : Dr. S. L. Dhirkipa 9436049264

Name of the Farm & Officer Phone Stock Position Production
Central Dairy Farm, Nirjuli Manager- VacantDr. (Mrs) O. Tayeng VO 9862014684 149 cows 220 litre/ day
Central Poultry Farm, Nirjuli
Dr. Avang Tamin, ManagerDr. Gungte Radhe, VODr. (Mrs) P. K. Basar, VO
4940 broiler birds 775 parent stock Egg: 8579DOC: 2553
Central Pig Farm Karsingsa
Dr. Jikom Panor, Manager
9436040925 337 no pigs 436 piglets
Central Fodder Farm cum   1320 kg per day  
Feed Mixing Plant, Nirjuli Dr. (Mrs) M. Pakam VO 9436245307 Fodder 62761 Kg Conc Feed per month