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Govt. Yak Breeding Farm, Chandar

West Kameng District:

The yak Breeding Farm was established in the year 2005 from the grants received from Govt. of India under one time grants "Conservation of Threatened Breeds" CSS scheme. This farm is also under the control of Dr. Director Regional Sheep Breeding Farm, Sangti established at high altitude area of Chandar which is 45 kms from Sangti Dirang. Initially 30 numbers of yaks were purchased and reared in the farm which has now 72 numbers of yaks. 10 yaks have been sold to lessen the management burden. During the summer season, all the yaks of the farm are migrated to the higher regions with by the Yak herdsman staff and brought back to the Chandar farm after month of September.

Name of the Diary Farm Address of Officer InCharge Stock Position
Male Female
Milk Production

Govt. Yak Breeding Farm, Chandar, West Kameng District

Arunachal Pradesh

Dr. Honjon Perme VO

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Total yaks = 72
** - Figure Not Available