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Regional Sheep Breeding Farm, Sangti,

Dirang, W/ Kameng District

The Regional Sheep Breeding Farm was established in the year 1974 from the Govt. of India funding with an aim to develop local sheep population by cross breeding with Russian Merino imported from Russia. Dr. M. M. Swami, Dy Director (1974-80), who was on deputation from Govt. of India was instrumental in establishment of this farm at Sangti, which is a picturesque natural beauties with snow wrapped mountains, roaring rivers, lush green valleys and its natural beauty. The farm saw its splendour during those days from 1974 till 1990 with importing of Rambouilet Sheeps from Australia and Russian Merino Sheeps from USSR. Beside cross breeding programme training in scientific management of sheep was imparted to the local sheep rearers. The Russian Merino Rams were also distributed to the villages for crossing with local sheep.

Name of the Diary Farm Address of Officer InCharge Stock Position
Male Female
Wool Production

Regional Sheep Breeding Farm, Sangti, Dirang

West Kameng District

Arunachal Pradesh

Dr. Rajen Perme DD

Dr. N B Sangma VO

** **
Total Sheeps = 159
** - Figure Not Available