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Govt. Pony Conservation Farm, Tawang

High altitude Pony are abundantly found in high land of West Kameng and Tawang District which is used by the people for transport purposes in far flung inaccessible areas. The numbers of the high altitude pony in the state was dwindling in numbers therefore the Department intends to conserve the pony in captive for multiplication and distribution to the highlanders of the state. The Pony Conservation farm was established in the year 2002 under the Govt. of India sponsored "Conservation of threatened breeds" CSS scheme. The high altitude pony is in much demand in the high altitude regions of the state and after establishment of the conservation farm, 30 numbers of Pony have been distributed to the highlanders at subsidized rate.

Name of the Diary Farm Address of Officer InCharge Stock Position Production
Male Female
Govt Pony Conservation Farm, Tawang, Tawang District Dr. 12 18