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Regional Exotic Pig Breeding Farm, Loilang, Tezu, Lohit District:

Tezu, Lohit District:

Pig rearing is one of the most important activities and means of livelihood of the tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh. The tribal people of the state have been rearing pigs in their backyard since time immemorial. Every Tribal household/ farmer in rural areas possesses few nos. of pigs as GAHORI i.e. indigenous / local varieties of Pigs. Pork (Pig Meat) is one of the important source of animal protein of the local people as it serves as an important items of the delicious feast especially during festivals, traditional function and customary ceremonies.

The Regional Exotic Pig Breeding farm, Loilang was established under NEC sponsored scheme in the year 1981 started functioning after its foundation stone was laid by Shri R.N. HALDIPUR, The then Lt. Governor of Arunachal Pradesh on January 1981 with initial breeding Parent stock of 36 nos. sows and 4 nos. Boars of Exotic breeds of Large White Yorkshire and Hampshire. The entire management team of the project i.e. REPBF, Loiliang, (Tezu) was headed by of the REPBF project was Dr. G.C. Kakoti Dy. Director, who later retired as the Director (AHV), Govt of Arunachal Pradesh on superannuation. The farm was established with view to develop and modernize the piggery farming activities with required technological inputs and improvement of the skill of the farmers thereby increase their farm output and income for undertaking systematic Pig breeding programmes based on scientific breeding protocols with the following objectives:-

  • To Produce piglets of superior breeds suitable to the local conditions.
  • To bring about up-gradation in the genetic potential of local indigenous pigs by cross breeding with exotic pig varieties.
  • To produce meat variety Pigs/Piglets for distribution amongst the farmers for enhancing their productivity thereby help in addressing the demand of pork.
  • To serve as a centre for demonstration and impart of training in respect of modern and scientific pig management skills and thereby motivate the local unemployed youth to take up pig farming as a means of self employment avenue.
Name of the Pig Farm Address of Officer InCharge Stock Position Meat Production
(2010 - 2011)
Sow Boar Piglets
Regional Exotic Pig Breeding Farm Loilang, Tezu Lohit District Arunachal Pradesh Dr. D. Longri DD
03804-208226 (O)
09402478148 (M)

Dr. H. Gogoi VO
09863942700 (M)
24 76 89 1794 Kg.