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Feed Fodder Development

The tradition of fodder farming for the livestock is not taken up by the farmers in the state as the fresh lush green fodders are available in the forests. However with the urbanisation of the population and shrinkage of the lush green fodder area lands for extension of dwelling areas and other agricultural and horticultural activities, the farmers have started venturing into fodder cultivation in their land for their livestock. As such the Department encourages farmers to develop fodder lands by distributing fodder seeds obtained from the Fodder Minikit Distribution Programme of the Central Government. A central Fodder Farm at Nirjuli Itanagar was established in an area measuring 52 acres of Land to demonstrate fodder farming. Fodder farm each at Seppa, Warjung, Yachuli, Daporijo, Anini and Changlang were also established under central funding where in fodder cultivation is demonstrated to the livestock farmers. Under the Feed and Fodder development a feed mixing plant operates at Nirjuli.